Hansford County 4-H Livestock Judging Team Compete at Tri-State Fair

Junior Team
Monday, October 12, 2015
by Bret Burgin

The Hansford County 4-H livestock judging team competed at the Amarillo Tri-State Fair competition September 19. Twenty-one students from Hansford County making up three junior teams and two senior teams competed in the two 4-H divisions. In the Junior Division, Hansford was the high team in sheep and placed 6th, 8th, and 13th overall. Individually, Saxton Ralston led the way placing 14th overall. Arden Pittman was 4th in sheep and 25th overall. Max Harper was the high individual in cattle and placed 26th overall. Leo Harper was 7th in sheep and 31st overall. Jackson Riggins received awards for 2nd in sheep, 9th in cattle, and 33rd overall. Also representing Hansford County were Dylaney Weaver-Schibler, Hagen Puentes, Maggie Davis, Kip Pittman, Gage Gumfory, Jefferson Weaver-Schibler, Cadence Puentes, and Avonlea Shields.

In the Senior Division, Hansford swept every species and reasons while marking up a comfortable win in the overall rankings. Additionally, the second team placed 4th overall. The two Hansford teams finished 1-2 in both reasons and cattle. In the individual rankings, they nailed down four of the top five overall honors. Jon Crowl led the way by winning both the cattle and swine segments, placing 3rd in reasons, and 8th in sheep before being named the Top Overall Individual. Jaci Burgin won the other two segments, sheep and reasons. Jaci also placed 2nd in cattle and was the 2nd high overall individual. Payton Harrell earned 2nd in both reasons and swine, was 4th in cattle, and 6th in sheep, resulting in a 3rd high overall individual finish. Kaycee Anderson placed 3rd in cattle, 4th in reasons, 5th in sheep, 9th in swine, and was 5th high overall individual. Carter Burgin and Reed Anderson narrowly missed the top ten by placing 15th and 19th overall respectively. Sam Gumfory won 10th in sheep. And Caden Riggins placed 10th in both cattle and reasons.

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