Hansford County was established in 1889. Its county seat is Spearman, which is the agribusiness center of the area. Land uses in Hansford are “traditionally Texan”: corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean, cattle grazing, and feed yards. Hansford County lies proudly in the Panhandle of Texas. Recreation includes visits to the Palo Duro Lake, hunting, boating, fishing, and trips to the museum and Windmill Park. In addition to government as “industry employment,” farming, ranching and agribusinesses with some oil and gas production are major job sources. Wholesale and retail trade make significant contributions to the Hansford County economy. Current population is 5,369 based on the 2000 census.

Hansford County Courthouse

Hansford County Courthouse

Hansford County is one of the most productive agricultural counties in the state of Texas. Gross income from the sale of crops and livestock is one of the highest in the state. County producers irrigate approximately 200,000 acres annually. Irrigated acreages of milo, corn, and wheat are ranked within the top five counties within the state. County feedlots market approximately 420,000 fat cattle each year. Today seven commercial cattle feeding feedlots operate within the county. Nine grain elevators serve county farmers. Area feedlots also serve as a market for grain. Texas AgriLife Extension Service plays a vital role in Hansford County by providing educational opportunities and researched based information to address community issues and needs. Educational programs promote economic development, agricultural profitability, family health and well-being, youth development, character education, leadership development and environmental stewardship. Through these programming efforts, Extension helps improve the lives of the people in Hansford County.

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